The International Olympiad of the Association «Global Universities» for Master’s enrollees

Your key to early admission and free Master’s studies at one of the leading universities in Russia and worldwide in your chosen profession.

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New Prospects

We welcome participants of the International Olympiad of the Association «Global Universities» for Master’s enrollees on Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia website. RUDN University is the university-organizer of the Olympiad on «Psychology».

How can you benefit from your participation in the Olympiad?

Winning the Olympiad will allow talented students from foreign countries to enroll in a master's program of Russian universities without entrance examinations and study absolutely free (at the expense of the budget of the Russian Federation).


Who can take part?

Foreign citizens, persons without citizenship, and compatriots living abroad with a bachelor's degree or students in their final year of bachelor's studies graduating in 2019.


What language is the olympiad in?

The Olympiad is held in Russian and English.


The Olympiad consists of two remote stages: a portfolio contest: a portfolio contest and competition task performance.

Qualifying stage

November 01, 2018 - January 31, 2019

Everyone is allowed to participate in the qualifying stage.
The first (qualifying) stage format is a portfolio contest.

Final stage

February 18, 2019 - March 07, 2019

The second (final) stage is held in the format of the Olympiad tasks.

List of programs

Winners and prize-winners are the participants who completed the two stages of the Olympiad and scored a total number of points, which, when compiling a ranked list of participants, place them in the range from 5% to 25% of the best. Prize-winners and winners of the Olympiad can be enrolled in the Master’s programs of RUDN University Faculties, Institutes and Academy without examinations. It is planned to allocate 3 scholarships of 25 000 rubles to the winners of the Open Doors Olympiad enrolled in RUDN University for the first year of Master's programs in 2020.

Scientific supervisors of the participants of the International Olympiad of the Association "Global Universities" on the track of postgraduate studies in 2020-2021

Maxim V. Chernyaev

Maxim V. Chernyaev

Research supervisor

Candidate of Science / PhD
RUDN University

Nataliya V. Dyuzheva

Nataliya V. Dyuzheva

Research supervisor

Candidate of Science / PhD
RUDN University

Tatiana V. Larina

Tatiana V. Larina

Research supervisor

Doctor, Professor
RUDN University

Valerii L. Muzykant

Valerii L. Muzykant

Research supervisor

Doctor, Professor
RUDN University


For the first time RUDN University entered the TOP-400 of the best universities in the world in QS World University Rankings 2020!
Our campus is the greenest in the country, and by the number of foreign students we are in the TOP-100 in Times Higher Education ranking.
Each year brings us new achievements!

Presentation of our University (PDF, 26Mb)

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Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia (RUDN University) was founded in 1960 and then it was called «Patrice Lumumba Peoples' Friendship University». More than 100 000 graduates work in almost all countries of the world. Among them are a number of presidents and prime ministers, dozens of ministers, hundreds of well-known politicians and successful businessmen, scientists, and cultural figures.


The University has 7 faculties and 14 educational institutes, 156 scientific and educational laboratories, 4 centers for collective use. Eighteen Bachelor’s and Master’s educational programs are internationally accredited. The teaching staff consists of more than 2 500 professors, associate professors and lecturers.

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Scientific research is carried out in dozens of research centers and laboratories. RUDN scientific schools in Mathematics, Chemistry, Medicine, Linguistics, Russian as a foreign language are traditionally strong.

The total number of students is more than 31 000 people, of which foreign students are about 9 300 people from 157 countries of the world. Foreign students are part of national communities and regional associations.



RUDN University campus is recognized as one of the best among Moscow universities and is the winner of the All-Russian contest «Best student dormitory», which allows us to enter TOP- 50 universities according to Green Metric ranking.

Thirteen student dormitories have comfortable rooms and equipped kitchens. All rooms have television and the Internet. For the convenience of students, dormitories have laundry facilities, dry cleaning services, ateliers, beauty salons, and cafes with various national cuisines.

On the territory of RUDN University there is a RUDN University Medical center where patients are treated within the scope of Health Insurance policy.

For the convenience of its students, RUDN University offers gyms and sports grounds for free various sports activities.


24 Master’s programs of RUDN University successfully passed the international accreditation procedure in European agencies - members of ENQA and EQAR FIBAA (Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation, the agency is a member of the European Association ENIQA), AEER (Association for Engineering Education of Russia), ACQUIN (Institute for Accreditation, Certification and Support Quality Assurance, Germany) and DEVA-AAC (Andalusia Education Quality Assurance Agency, Spain).


About Moscow

You can find comprehensive information about our city on the WikiWay pages.

What students say

Feedback from our students participating in the OpenDoors Olympiad
Anastasiya Sergiyenko Anastasiya Sergiyenko
RUDN University
«Journalism» (Ukraine)
Quote 1

I participated in the Open Doors Olympiad in the Russian language conducted by the “Global Universities” Association. Not only knowledge of the rules was checked there, but also the understanding of the language. There were 29 questions: find errors and determine their type, find synonyms, match two parts of sayings, choose the correct definition of the term. The tasks seemed to me not very difficult, but it was important to read their formulation very carefully. It was also necessary to write an essay – 10 topics to choose from. I wrote about the impact of globalization on modern Russian language.

I chose RUDN University because it is on top of trends and the training here is based on practice. In my undergraduate studies, I studied television journalism – I was into culture and entertainment journalism, and at the RUDN University Master course I decided to rise to a more global level and chose subject area “International Journalism”.

Quote 2
Altynbek Berdimatov Altynbek Berdimatov
RUDN University
«International Economics» (Kyrgyzstan)
Quote 1

I learned about the Olympiad quite by accident, but I did not regret a bit that I took part. The tasks were not easy, but some were familiar to me. The most difficult was to wait for the results – which is more than two months. However, I had a bit of hope that I could win. When I found out that I did win, the first thing I did was to tell my mother – RUDN University … tuition-free … victory!

My first higher education is «Global Economics». Thanks to the Open Doors Olympiad, I enrolled in «International Economics».

Quote 2
Kamilla Bekeeva Kamilla Bekeeva
RUDN University
«Arts and Humanities» (Kazakhstan)
Quote 1

This was my first Olympiad. I learned about it from a friend: she posted some information about the prospects that the victory opens on her Instagram. I wanted to test my abilities and find out if I could win. I was attracted by the opportunity to get education in Russia.

I did assignments in the subject area «Psychology». The most difficult thing was to write an essay, but everything went well. Since my undergraduate degree is «Design», I wanted to do similar studies in the Master’s course and chose «Arts and Humanities» at RUDN University. I chose this very university for its multinationality, for the fact that here you can find out what peoples’ friendship in fact is.

Quote 2


A unique opportunity to demonstrate your abilities and knowledge - International Olympiad of the Association «Global Universities» for Master’s enrollees.